Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taylor Gets Feathers

It all started the day Taylor came home from preschool and informed me her cute preschool teacher had some pink hair.

From the sounds of it, all the little girls that went to school to Andrea were pretty impressed with it.
If you didn't notice in Taylor's preschool graduation pictures, she has a few stripes of colored hair. We found some hair color spray at Zurcher's one day and just color a few strands once in awhile. Then it would wash out the next day.

Thursday when I was getting my hair cut, I asked Kandice (Troy's sister) about the colored hair. She told me they were feathers. There was another lady at the salon that puts the feathers in hair. So, I signed Taylor up :)

Later that evening we stopped by the salon and two feathers and a few strands of 'bling' were placed in Taylor's hair.

She loves it! (Even though her super excited expression says it all in the pictures! She didn't really want me to take pictures right then)

A few things I LOVE about it:
1. You can wash them.
2. You can blow dry them.
3. You can flat iron them!
4. They will stay in for at least 2 months
5. It isn't any harsh dies or chemicals in her hair.

Taylor also likes that she can do all of the above and the color will stay in, but she also loves that they won't come out when she plays tee ball, plays outside, or when there is thunder (don't ask me how she came up with thunder as an option to lose the color in her hair!)

It's fun, cute and a cheap way to make one little girl happy :)

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Gina Nielson said...

Wow, what a super cool Mom you are :-)