Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taylor Graduates

Just because I am MONTHS behind on this blog, doesn't mean A LOT has been happening and pictures weren't taken.

Because a lot has happened and oodles of pictures were taken. Just not posted :)

Yesterday, Taylor 'graduated' from preschool. She was so excited! I thought she would be sad, but she was not. I think the thought of kindergarten is way more exciting to her. That and the fact that 'she can stay home with me all the time' (in her words).
We will see how long that excitement continues when she realizes, that while she was at school Parker and I did very little in her absence. :)

She absolutely loved her preschool teacher.

She was able to bring home her ABC book that they worked on all year long. It's only been 24 hours, but her and Parker have probably looked through that book 1,000 times. No joke.

Way for Taylor for accomplishing preschool graduation.
Now on to the next stage of life when she gets to ride the bus and see her school teacher more than her Mom.......*tear*

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Nicole said...

She is so pretty! Congrats to Taylor and have a happy summer!