Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Birthday Party

Sunday was birthday party day.

She kept asking me all day what all her friends were going to bring her for her birthday. :)
(P.S. They did NOT disappoint! She was spoiled!)

The poodle theme decor:

The cupcakes/cake
I forget how much work goes into rolling out cake fondant....

I made the cute little rhinestone poodle on her shirt:

Using This

We had a great turnout. Of all the Aunts and Uncles that live close by we had them all crammed into our home except for two! (FYI Troy has 6 bro/sis and I have 5!)

Blowing out the candles....
Parker tried a few times to blow them out before her. He's become quite the little stinker.

The gifts:

Top row:
LPS: Ryan & Maren, Lalaloopsy: Mike, Jana, Dusty & Gina, Little Doll: Theron & Joyce
Middle row:
Necklace: Melissa & David, Brown Headband: Patrice & Warren, Disney paper dolls: Mimi & Papa
Bottom row:
Cinderella & horse: Mom & Dad, Bag full of goodies: Maria & Steve, Princess Cake set: Jason & Christy

She was very quiet throughout the entire night. Never showed much emotion while opening gifts (as you can see!)
But she has made her rounds of playing with ALL of her new gifts.

My sister in law pointed out how nice she was being and that she never threw any fits.
The fit throwing came right before the last guest walked out the door.

I was hoping for none. But as the saying goes, "It's my party & I'll cry if I want too."

Thanks to all for coming & for spoiling our little girl! :)


Deidra said...

I don't think I ever could have imagined the day would come when there would be a poodle themed party at Troy's house. You girls are good for him!

Happy birthday, Taylor! Just thinking of all the family there makes me a little jealous. I love our family.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Taylor! I love the decorations, cake, and shirt. Way to go Alisha!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Taylor! Good job Alisha! The party was wonderful! P.S. I have decided that in addition to official cake maker you are now the official party planner. Get on it! Ashton's birthday is coming up fast!

tacos912 said...

What an awesome looking cake!

Return followers are always welcome :)


Robnz Fam said...

How much fun for her!!! I love that idea! The cake looks awesome.

p.s. have you had any orders from Columbus? Your quilt has started a huge frenzy here...one sister looked up your website in Primary (we are in primary now)! She had a cool phone with the Internet on it. Your brown bow was a big hit on Sunday too. I'm thinking I could sell your stuff out here for you!!!

mark lawrence said...

This is amazing! You must go for the exhibitions that keep happening in the venue NYC. You are good at this. In these exhibitions they bake designer cakes and set the table according to the theme. It is one of the finest exhibitions that I have ever come across. This post is mind-blowing, I wish I could just grab a bite from here.