Monday, January 24, 2011

A Little Help

I love the location of our home.
In the country just enough, but not too far away from town.

The only bad thing?!!?!?
We are surrounded by fields, and have NO gravel in our yard.

Add the two together in the winter and mix in a few sunny winter days and our yard quickly turns into a mud hole.

The other day, the poor UPS guy went to turn around in our yard and just kept on going!
He was stuck.

As he walked to our door, he was just shaking his head.
We kind of laughed about it, then I called the hubby to come rescue him.

Good thing Troy was just down the road, AND we had one of the tractors at our house. UPS didn't have to wait long before he was back on his way making deliveries.

We need some gravel.


Erin L said...

See,I'm not the only one who gets stuck. But I guess he didn't drive in the field...

Melissa said...

I agree! You need gravel!