Monday, July 11, 2011

1st Annual Wilkinson Family Reunion

My family held our very first family reunion over the 4th of July weekend.
We crammed so much fun into that weekend, it took my kids a few days of long naps to catch up with all the days of no naps & late nights.

I think I am still trying to catch up. :)

I was very lazy, and very horrible not to bring my camera for the first day of fun.....

{Steadman's} water slides: Friday
Good thing my sister in law had her camera and snapped some pictures for me and then I stole :)
Thanks Cindy!

Of course, it took some convincing with both of my kids to go down the slides, but once they did go, you couldn't get them to stop!

I love this picture!

{Boating} :Saturday

This day I was better. I actually TOOK my camera with us. But I never TOOK it out of the bag!
I tell ya, I was HORRIBLE!
Troy's sister Maria lives on the river and she was kind enough to let us bring our boat to her place and let my family invade her home.
She was also nice enough to set up her little water slide at her house.

(Again, another stolen picture from my sis-in-law!)

{Family Dinner}: Sunday

Being Sunday, we fired up the grill and made shish kabobs and filled our plates with yummy food!
My sister Melissa had a tv that broke so we took it down to some sand pits and blew it up. Me and my kids sat by the cars during the shooting portion. They are dare devils I tell ya.

Then the moment Taylor had been waiting for all evening. We set off fireworks. It was her first time witnessing fireworks and she spent most of her time sitting next to Grandma & Grandpa on the front step of the house. She made it further then I ever did when I was younger. I watched from inside the house through the window. I wonder where they get there dare devil-ness from?!?!? :)

It was both my kids' first time witnessing fireworks. I am such a mean Mom. But my kids wake up early, therefore go to bed early and they just aren't worth it to keep them awake for the fireworks.
Taylor liked the pop-its. Hated the sparklers. Parker at least held a sparkler, then pointed it down when I wasn't looking and had some sparks hit his feet. Then he was done.

{Parade!} Monday
After our usual scout breakfast at our church we headed to Albion for their parade. Guess what! I actually took out my camera and took some pictures! Not many but a few!

Waiting for the parade to start

Grandpa was in the parade and when he arrived to our little group of people, we were bombarded with candy! He threw handful after handful of candy at us. And it wasn't on the ground we had pieces flying at our heads! Thanks dad!

We stayed at the park long enough for Taylor to go on a train ride, then on a pony ride then it was off for my little family to meet Troy & his family back at his sister Maria's for another day of boating!
I was really surprised that Taylor was BEGGING to go on the pony rides. So not like her. Parker chose to hang out in the stroller parked in the shade. Smart boy.

We skipped fireworks that evening. We were all tired and since we had some the night before I thought it was good enough :)

Phew. Re-living those four days makes me tired all over again! But it sure was fun!


Melissa said...

I didn't take my camera either! Both of us need to get with it next year!

Deidra said...

Oh, the sad little Albion parade. The in-laws love it, which I'm sure how your dad ended up in it, but it's not a critical part to my 4th!

Robnz Fam said...

GREAT to know how fun this place is!! We are going here for our Robins fam reunion. I can't wait! I loved seeing you and your 'belly'. You are the cutest pregnant woman.