Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Bedding.....Room re-arranged.....again.

Taylor's old comforter was falling apart (I bought it from Wal-Mart, what did I expect???) so for Christmas I made her a new one. She 'knew' I was making it for her because she was SUPER excited that I was putting Minkee on the back.

BUT she didn't know I got it back from the quilters, got the binding done, made a sham or a throw pillow to go with it. Christmas morning, she was WAY excited when she opened it up!

In order to put the doll house in her room, we had to re-arrange again.
Looking at the last time I posted about her room, I have changed curtains, new toy box, doll house, moved the coat hanger, moved the kitchen, new bedding.

I thought I was completely done...

Today I actually added something new. I made her a minkee pillow case for her 'usual' pillow. Since receiving the bedding, she would only sleep with the little throw pillow. I know it's because she likes the minkee, so today I went and bought more minkee (which matches the minkee on the underside of her quilt) and some {super} cute pink minkee as an accent and made a pillow case.

Hopefully now she will sleep with a bigger pillow.....

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