Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some {Re-Arranging}

Every morning as I make the bed.

Every after noon as toys are being cleaned up.

Every night as I am putting her to bed.

ALL THE TIME....I am not liking how Taylor's room is set up. Originally when we first brought her bed home, we set it up the way it was so we could utilize the drawers on both sides of the bed.

Well, it's been a year and the drawers on the far side were only being used to store her play tutu's, some blankets, and clothes that were too big that now fit.

So, with two kids under foot I pushed and shoved (and gave myself a hernia!) and moved the bed!

I {LOVE} the new layout now! It makes her room so much bigger and she is actually spending time playing with her little kitchen again! Parker plays with it more than she does!

Just this morning her and Parker played ALL MORNING long in her room while I was able to do some much needed cleaning! YAY!

(View from hall way entering her room)

See the little coat hanger on the wall?!?!? That was THE BEST thing I ever put in her room! For her to be able to hang up her own coat or her little back packs is absolute heaven!

(Door to leave her room is on the left)

If any one is interested in a bed that with all 6 drawers taken out (!!!), the use of the wall to push against, make your whole body sore (I worked that hard to move this thing!!) the next day, but totally adorable just contact my hubby. He does {Wonderful} SOLID work! :)


Gina Nielson said...

Her room looks so cute! Good job.

Melissa said...

It does make her room look a lot bigger!

The Call's said...

She has the cutest room in the world. I love it! Your are so talented. Maybe you can come give our big, boring house a make over. OK?

Jenni said...

Love her room. Where did you get the coat hanger? After what you said about it I'm wondering if I should look for something like that in Lizzie's room.