Thursday, May 21, 2009

A New Milestone

Both of my children figured out they could stand up and walk with the help of something to push.....both using the exact item.

A small chair at church.

I had tried before getting him to walk pushing one of the toys we bought for that very purpose, but he showed no interest.

Until he found the little chair this past Sunday.

We came home and he's been practicing since. :)

Yes, we have folding chairs in our living room....Troy was in charge of SED on our house. So they are still leaning against the wall where the mattress had been leaning since February. Which I only let Troy have the meeting at our house if he gets that blasted mattress out of my living room, I mean the ENTIRE HOUSE! (For Parker's b-day party we moved it into our room and then back to the living room when all the guests were gone! ERRRRRR I hated that thing there, but couldn't move, load/unload by myself!!)


Nikkala said...

When did he get so big?

Melissa said...

Wow he is growing up! I can't believe he is learning how to walk!

Gina Nielson said...

When he goes up on his toes he reminds me of Taylor! :)
He has the cutest smile ever!

megan said...

look how big he is!!! wow!! he doesn't look like a little baby when he is walking around like that! so cute!