Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ride 'Em Cowboy

Christmas morning Grandpa Wilkins came down to see what the kids got from Santa.

While here, he quickly learned Parker's love for horses. Anything (and Everything!) he will straddle between his legs and try to ride it. Even his new puppy blanket became a horse.

Fast forward to Monday morning. Grandpa called and said he was bringing something down for Parker.

It was a horse.

Even better, it was the same horse that Troy remembers playing on when he was little.

The first day Parker's little bum was glued to this horse.

Every morning he runs to his horse and goes for a ride.
There have been a many fights over the horse.
The horse has even bucked both kids off, but they love it and continue to climb on.
Parker has really got it moving, which makes me a little too nervous.

Best present ever. Even tops all his Christmas presents.
Maybe his little stuffed horses are up there, but definitely the {BEST.}


deidra said...

Good work, Grandpa. He's really too cute.

Erin L said...

Dave and I took a "just us" vacation this summer and it was so worth it. Taylor's bedding is adorable and so is her doll house. Ana saw it and said she wants to go over and see it. We'll have to do that soon.