Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Parker got some work done on his ears this morning.

It's not cute little diamond studs.
Can't change them once they are healed.

He got tubes.

We went in Monday afternoon for a ENT consultation and left the office with an appointment for tubes this morning. Bright and early.

The kid was starving before we even checked in (8:30) and as we were walking back to the room they said it won't be for another half hour. I felt bad because he hadn't had anything to eat since 8:00 last night.

But they had a cute Little Tikes car in the room for him to play with. Plus he liked pushing around the little chair the doctor's sit on (you know the one with all the wheels?!?!?!)

Five minutes after they took him, a nurse came in and said they were almost done. WOW! Three minutes later they brought back my little bug. He was a little confused, but he quickly snuggled up to me (and of course his blanket) and fell back asleep. They let us go five minutes later.

He cried on the way home, but once we were home and some food was put in his belly he seems like him self again.

Hopefully the ear infections will stop!

On Monday when the ENT checked his ears, he just had a little fluid. By today an infection had started and there was a little more fluid. He was just on an antibiotic for an infection a week ago.
Story of my life and this kid and his ears.


Gina Nielson said...

Glad to hear that everything turned out ok! Did they put him to sleep?

Alisha Jane said...

They just used the gas mask.

Heather B said...

HOPE THEY WORK!!! No more blasted ear infections, please!

megan said...

poor little dude! neither of my kids have ever had an ear infection that I know...that must be AWFUL
I hope they help!

Melissa said...

After having an ear infection last week I feel for the kid! Those things are painful! Hopefully now he won't have them anymore, or at least not as often.

OUR FAMILY said...

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Since I use first names, I didn't want them connected to our last name.