Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Taylor Happenings

*At the beginning of the month Taylor and I had a "Mommy/Daughter" Day. It wasn't planned, it just ended up that way.

It started with a day at the salon, both of us getting our hair cut. Then we went together to the circus that was in town. Parker got to spend the day with Grandma (my Mom) while we were out. It was weird only having one kid to look after for the day. I thought the circus was going to be a long show when the first two seconds we were there, Taylor spotted a clown and started FREAKING out, but she calmed down and ended up loving it!

*Taylor loves to help me out and lock the car door while I am getting Parker out of his seat. She takes it pretty seriously. Remember THIS day when the Locksmith was called?!?!?
Well, one day I walked outside to get my purse out of the car. The door was locked. We actually have a spare key to the Honda, but it was in my purse....locked in the car (good place for it huh?!?!) So as I am walking back to the house, Taylor is standing at the screen door and I am telling her that she only locks the car doors when I tell her too. I told her the keys to the car are inside now I have no way of getting in.

She looks at me confused and tells me to get the other keys (you know the ones we let her play with around the house or some plastic keys will work) I tell her those won't work and say that locking the doors without permission is naughty.

She looks at me with those gorgeous big blue eyes and replies, "ME? No, I a Princess."
Then she runs off telling me she will be "Right back"

She returns with these:

The Princess now asks permission to lock the doors or waits for me to tell her to do so.
(We had a second spare, that I didn't know we had, in the fire box so no locksmith was called)

* She has always loved playing with her dolls, but lately it's a little more 'real.' Trips to the store, Playing outside, Baths (pretend ones), Combing of hair, Laying them down for naps, and feeding them....

* Usually while playing with her babies, or her baby brother she is sporting some beautiful shoes...of mine. I can't help but smile, but I am just waiting for the day when an ankle is twisted and the fun will stop....

But until then, she will be looking ever so cute. :)

*Now that swimming lessons are over (Thank Goodness!) and we are back to taking baths in the mornings Bubble baths have become favorites. And my only bargaining chip to get her IN the bath to get ready for the day! Two weeks of not really getting ready really spoiled/ruined her :)

* A few weeks ago (that's how long my posts are over due!) I watched Melissa's kids for her. After everyone (including Parker!) helped me hoe, rack, dig, pull (what ever tool they could find!) weeds with me, I turned on the sprinklers and let them run. The boys {loved} it! Taylor?!??! Not so much. She didn't want to get her clothes dirty (or wet) nor did she want to get her hair wet. That's my girl!
So we watched as the boys ran around like the crazy boys that they are, then we had some popsicles. Oh, I love summer! Especially when I can send the kids out to play to help keep the INSIDE of my house clean! :)

* The relationship between Taylor and Parker is finally changing. My house is extremely too loud, there are always toys EVERYWHERE causing me stress because I feel like during the day I am pretty much just going room to room cleaning up after them. But I can't complain.
The noise level is caused by laughter and {nice} playing. And the mess is caused by them actually playing in the same room with the same toys at the same time.

Their favorite is Parker pushing the shopping cart with a baby properly placed, Taylor decked out in a set of my heels, sporting a purse and they go 'shopping' around and around the house. I need to get a picture of video of this scene, but I am usually trying to catch up on cleaning or laundry that I forget too!

I love these two and {LOVE} that they are finally starting to play (nicely) together. I am totally happy and content with the TWO kids I have....for now. Ask me in a few years and I might change my mind (or have my mind BACK!!!) to have anymore kids ;)


Melissa said...

Those shorts really do fit Ashton when their not soaking wet! Taylor didn't want to get her hair wet...sounds like someone else I know... :)

Emilyjo said...

Oh, we have a mini Alisha on our hands! ;)
How fun going to the circus-I haven't been to a circus in years.
Taylor is so beautiful and she gets more beautiful everytime I see her!
You have to have more kids because you make such darn cute ones!