Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Parker Happenings

I have so much going on, that I really don't know what exactly is going on that is keeping me so busy! I pretty much have a whole month of blogging to do about the kids (of course, who else do I blog about?!?!?!) so here's the month of a (long) nutshell....

His Happenings are mostly videos, so I put them into two video montages.

*Parker is becoming the King of temper tantrums....Taylor is the Queen. At the beginning of the month when he really really started walking around with his push toys, he would get very frustrated when he would fall or get stuck.
The worse thing about these tantrums is he just throws himself in any direction. There are times when others are holding him, that he will almost throw himself out of their arms (and it's mostly in my direction, because he wants me and not them.)

*Because he is obsessed with walking, we will push any and everything! Bumbo chair was his choice of transportation on this particular day.

*I was vacuuming under the couch cushions one day and both the kids thought is was so fun to play with. Especially Parker because he could actually climb onto the couch by himself.

*After swimming lessons, we usually found ourselves at a park somewhere. Parker has fallen in love with slides. I had him go down on his bum a few times, but his all time favorite way of going down in head first and he just has a huge perma-grin and laughs the whole way down. This kid is going to make sure the hospitals stay in business.....I can just feel it. He {loves} playing outside. Slides, sandboxes, dirt, rocks, puppies (especially Takoda) would easily entertain him for hours.

*He has started getting an interest in sitting still for a few minutes in front of the of choice?!??! Of course, the one and ONLY Backyardigans. Lots of dancing going on there!

*He started walking on his own the day he got his tubes in his ears. He walks everywhere. I say THANK GOODNESS! I actually really {hate} the crawling stage. Their hands and knees are dirty, you can't put them down in public, they find micro-spects of dirt to put in their mouths, playing at the park is really hard when they are crawling through wood chips and dirt....I could go on. I like when they walk, call me crazy.
He also likes to walk on his TOES when he is pushing his toys around. Taylor did the same thing. They are going to have some awesome calf muscles. :)

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*I don't have any videos of this, but I call him our little Sheep. All I hear from his mouth throughout the day is "Maaaa" An occasional "Tay" or "Daaa" or "Dauuu" (dog) will come out, but Maaaa is the favorite. I don't think he really ever needs me, I think he just likes to say it.....


Melissa said...

He is going to be a dare devil, you can tell by the way he dives down the slides. :)

Emilyjo said...

What a happy fun little boy-man has he grown! We really need to get toghether and play!