Thursday, July 09, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We had a fun filled 4th of July this year. My brother and his cute family from Utah were in town so we were having non-stop fun.

Friday bright and early we hit City of Rocks. It's crazy how growing up we would go there and climb several times in the summer. But Last Friday was the first time in YEARS since I found myself there. It was great. Taylor was excited the whole drive to my Mom's about climbing the rocks. I don't think she knew how {BIG} these rocks were going to be! She lasted half way up the first rock and she was done :)

Her and Parker spent the day hanging out with Grandma, while the rest of us did the climbing. We were climbing to the top of bath tub rock when we were two with my Dad. The youngest we had actually climbing with us was three and he just seemed so little to be climbing. It was a little stressful with all the kids....I don't know how my parents did it.

Taylor was freaking out just going this high on the rocks....

Three siblings that made it to the top: Jason, Me, Jeff
(I stole this picture Cindy! :) Thanks!!!)

After lunch and the drive home it was straight to my house for a BBQ and some water playing.
THEN off to Keegan's Championship baseball game.

Saturday it was the Annual Scout breakfast at our ward.

Rupert Parade:

There was no hope for candy if you were sitting behind these four!

Both of Taylor's Grandpa's were in the parade:
One at the beginning (my Dad)...Color guard holding a flag.

One at the end (Troy's Dad)...Grandpa Theron made that cute train!

Lunch, then home for some MUCH needed naps.

After naps (and skipped swimming at the pool) it was off to my Mom's family Reunion.
More food, tennis tournament, and a mad game of football! :) Wish we would have got pictures (or some video!) of the football game! It was so much fun!

There was enough room at the park that the kids just ran and (for the most part) stayed out of trouble. At one point I looked over and realized that Taylor was letting her cousins bury her in rocks.....

The kids were exhausted (Mom too!) that we didn't attempt fireworks. It was just home, into the bath and then straight to bed.....for all of us!

It was a wonderful holiday! Would have been even better if Troy would have been able to join us for some of it....
(He had too much water going on.)


megan said...

hey, i recognize that place :-)

Lindsay said...

Wow, what a fun and busy weekend! Cute pictures! I love that you document as much as I do. :)

Melissa said...

Wow Taylor was really buried in the rocks! I can't believe she let them do that!