Monday, June 15, 2009

First Day of Swimming Lessons

For the next two weeks we can be found at the pool. At least in the mornings.

Today was Taylor's first day of lessons. She was so excited to go 'swimmin' and that her cousin Ashee (what she calls Ashton) was in her class.

She climbed right in the pool and started her lessons without a second thought.
Five seconds later they are playing "Motor boat."
Near the end of the song as they are blowing bubbles and still going in circles, Taylor is drowning.


There are probably 6 or 7 kids in her class. Her being the only girl, youngest and barely tall enough. She is getting pulled under by all the little boys. Myself, my Mom, and Tara (my sisters friend) are all sitting across the pool watching my little girl try over and over to stand up and get her head out of the water. Finally the teacher realizes what is happening and grabs her.

Taylor is done. As soon as her head is above water she is asking for me and climbing out of the pool. I don't blame her.
But I paid for these classes and I just kneel by the side of the pool and make her stay in. She had brought her little Belle and Jasmin dolls so I get those for her to play with and after a few minutes she is okay.

Hopefully tomorrow she doesn't keep reminding me over and over again that the water was going into her belly and she will keep doing what the teacher asks her to do! :)

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Melissa said...

She looked like she was having fun! She recovered pretty quick!