Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ears Pierced

When Troy and I first found out we were having a little girl the 'ears getting pierced' came up. We both decided and agreed that she will be 6 or 7.

Well, lately I have REALLY REALLY wanted to get her ears pierced. Tuesday when we were getting our hair cut, I asked about it. They only had one gun at the time.
No go. I KNEW that once they pierced one ear, she wouldn't let them do the other side so it had to be done at the same time.

Yesterday while at Wal-mart with Melissa, I decided to ask them about it. We had to wait a while to get another person around that was certified to pierce ears, but they were able to do it at the same time.

While we were waiting we prepared Taylor. Melissa took her around the jewelry dept. and they picked out an Ariel necklace ring set (for being a 'big brave' girl) and she was able to choose who's lap she wanted to sit on.

Mine or Melissa's.
She chose Melissa.

As they were counting 1.....2.....3....
I prepared myself and my eyes started to water knowing what was about to come out of her mouth.


Not even a flinch! When they were done she looked at me and just smiled!

WOW! Wasn't expecting that!!!

Pictures aren't the best, but it shows her true side....cheeser.

Later that night at Mom's surprise party she was playing outside and a missed baseball bounced up and hit her in the mouth.

I heard about it the rest of the night and the tears were flowing like crazy!

I never know what to expect with her.


Melissa said...

What a cutie! I still can't believe how good she did. I was all prepared for a scream-fest! I told David that she was telling you that he hit her with the baseball and David wanted to know why he was getting the blame since it was actually Keegan that threw it. LOL He is all worried that Taylor isn't going to like him anymore!

Conley Clan said...

What a beauty! She is so brave, I think I would have screamed if I got them done now! So what did the man of the house have to say?

Nicole said...

Isn't that how it always goes with kids? You think you have them figured out one minute, and the next they switch it up on you. I am glad to hear that it went all well. What a tough girl!

Gina Nielson said...

Looking good!