Saturday, June 13, 2009

Surprise Party

My Mom turned 60 yesterday, so we planned a surprise party for her.

We actually pulled it off without her knowing about it! Hooray!

You can really really hear me in the video, ignore it. I am right by the mic ya know! :)

After we sang to her my brother took the cake back into the kitchen. As he was turning with it he ran into Landon and the cake went a sliddin'! He caught it, but one corner had his complete hand print from the catch!

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!!


Melissa said...

Yeah! I got to see mom blow out the trick candles, since I was trying to quiet down the screamer in the other room when it actually happened. :) Still can't believe Jason caught the cake! Good reflexes!

Alisha said...

Did you ever figure out why he started screaming?!?!?

Melissa said...

He couldn't get his horn to work when everyone was blowing them when mom walked in. He was upset that he didn't get to blow his and surprise grandma, added to that he was really really tired.

Gina Nielson said...

Thanks so much Alisha! It was great to be able to see it. You guys did a great job.