Saturday, April 03, 2010

Dear Erin,

Even though the evidence of our very eventful morning is quickly disappearing....

The sound of us laughing hysterically will always be remembered (and the look on Troy's face as he came to rescue us....)

I added a picture of the correct way to enter our driveway (see below/click to enlarge) just in case.... :)

P.S. Thanks for joining me in the bone chilling/sweat to death 5K this morning.
Good times. Tons of laughable memories that even though the tire marks you left behind in the field will be long gone soon, I won't ever let you live it down.....ever :) LOL (see I am still laughing!)

And we definitely need to go shopping without the kids again.....



P.P.S. In addition to already burning my spatula to a frying pan this morning, I have now set off the fire alarm twice while baking my nephew's birthday cake.....and the cake is not even close to being done, yet alone burnt.....Not my day in the kitchen!


Melissa said...

Bahahahaha! I will be sure to tease Erin every time I see her! I think your fire alarm is weird. Remember when it went all crazy because I over flowed simple syrup in your burner. Geez, talk about overly sensitive, it was only a little bit of smoke. :)

Alisha Jane said...

Simple syrup?!?!??! You wish! We couldn't see through all the smoke you created :) Now the smoke I just couldn't breathe LOL

Erin L said...

Thanks for the map. I'll remember that. It was an awesome day! I'm so glad we decided to go. (My knee was hurting all day yesterday.)

Shane, Rahndi, Levi and Olivia said...
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Robnz Fam said...

Alisha Jane! I would love to get together and do some serious girl-talking. I don't know when/if I'll be back in B-town again before we leave...but I will TOTALLY let you know if I am. Even if it's right before we head off to Japan. I can't wait to see in person how much Taylor Jane and Parker T have grown. They remember me..right ;0)?

Love you girl,

p.s. it'd be so fun to run a race together again...for ol' time sake!

SAYDA said...

5K! You are amazing girl!!!