Thursday, April 01, 2010

One Expensive Book

I finally broke down and got myself a library card.
I don't read (alot) and after our trip to Mexico, I found myself reading more.
So, to the library we went.

Taylor was in heaven and that first day I am pretty sure she checked out every Dora book they had. Parker wasn't too interested.

On our second visit, Taylor found all the Barbie Books and Parker....well if you know him just a little bit you will know how much he LOVES horses.

He found a horse book.
The Berenstain Bears Wild West to be exact.

He hauled this book every where he went. I would constantly find him just staring at the same page over and over again pointing out all the different horses.
He insisted he sleep with it.
For Christmas, Santa put a flash light for each kid in their stocking (for the purpose of looking at books if they need a few minutes after they lay down....).

Parker would just take his little flash light and flip through the pages of this book.

One day, as we went to get Parker out of bed it came to my attention that we now owned this beloved book.

It wasn't until returning it to the library, explaining what happened and asking them how much we owed them that I realized just how big a mistake that little stinker made!

Book replacement: $13.96
Library Fee: $5.00

A $20 book!
Even Better a $20 book that we can't even keep to read because the pages were shredded!

I have yet to take my kids back to the library.
For the simple fact of not wanting to buy any more unnecessary books.


Nikkala said...

If it make you feel any better we own a destroyed copy of Mama Mia from the library.

I returned the DVD case empty...and found the disc months later under the garage rug.

We didn't care for the movie anyway. But still.

We are weekly library goers so I figure the $25 more than makes up for the number of books, movies, and CD's we've checked out. Some libraries will let you buy a replacement and give that to them instead of paying their price (which would be much cheaper) but ours isn't one of those. Maybe yours is?

deidra said...

I think it's any library-goer's rite of passage. I remember being little and not being able to find a library book. We hunted high and low, with no luck. Patty P paid the fine, and years later when we got rid of the nasty entertainment center downstairs-- there it was. Probably five years too late.

Troy said...

I have a plan. STOP GIVING HIM BOOKS TO SLEEP WITH!! This was just the first library book he destroyed. He has destroyed at least two other books, but they were ours to begin with. His most recent conquest was one with the thick cardboard pages. He sure is a destructive little bugger....he must get it from his mother.

Nicole said...

And libraries are supposed to be a good thing, right? Sorry to hear about the tragic and expensive tale. Aidan has ruined so many books. It's a catch-22. Good luck with returning to the library.