Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stink Eye

At church today the kids and I took our usual seat by our usual people.
Kind of.

There was one couple right in front of us that I have never seen before. They were probably in their late 50's-ish. Assumption.

Troy (as usual) was in the front of the chapel helping with the Sacrament.

Before I tell this story, I just want to say that today was a GOOD day at church. I thought my children were very well behaved and pretty quiet.
Good enough that I was actually able to listen to the speakers.

At one point Taylor was putting her feet up on the hymn books. I always tell her to get her feet down. Before I had a chance to tell her, this guy in front of us turns around and tells my daughter to get her feet off the books!

I was shocked!

During the remainder of the Sacrament when the kids would make a slightly loud noise he would turn and give my kids the stink eye over his shoulder.
Parker grabbed a piece of paper and barely crumpled it and he got 'the eye.'

It wasn't just me imagining that this man was doing this. The lady next to us and my good friend in the row behind us all saw his actions. Even Troy saw it.

I found the whole thing kind of comical that he was like that. It didn't offend me.....I actually wanted him to turn and say something else to my kids so I could tell him to stop being a parent to MY children. I know, not very LDS of me, but seriously. Any one with kids knows that little kids make noises, that there will be crying and that there just might be a crumple of paper.

It may not have offended me, but there just might be a day when he offends some one that it will be there first day attending church or on the fence of being inactive due to feelings getting hurt too many times.

Just had to get my morning experience off my chest.
I'm done now......


Jenni said...

That guy would hate my ward... you can barely hear the speakers over the roar from the children in the audience. I can't believe anyone wouldn't be more patient and kind with children during sacrament. What did he expect you to do, leave the kids at home?

Nicole said...

My goodness! Is this what I have to look forward to in a regular ward!? I am always terrified of the old grumpies. You have such a good attitude about it though. Good luck next week. I'm assuming you'll just avoid the old stink.

Lindsay said...

I'm so sorry, I've had that same experience before. Why is it that some people think it's okay to give parents with children dirty looks?? I've had to hold my tongue several times before.

Hewards said...

That is UNBELIEVABLE! I would have just let my kids be as loud as they wanted to and completely ignored the fact that he was being such a jerk!

Heather B said...

That would have really TICKED me off! Sheesh!