Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Years Day

We woke up in the year 2010 with snow. Really wet snow!

Perfect for making a snow man.
The temperature was perfect, so by 9 am we were dressed and out playing in the snow.
I had been sick lately so I was planning on staying inside. But after I walked Parker outside to join Troy and Taylor in all the fun, I didn't want to miss out.
So I sucked it up and pulled on my snow clothes.

This was Parker most of the time....falling down usually face first.

Or trying to see through his hat. :)

A little help....

And done.

After the snow man was complete we strapped our sled to the back of Troy's four wheeler and took the kids for a ride (One of us always sitting with them of course!) :)

Hot chocolate and graham crackers quickly warmed us up.
Too bad all that playing didn't wear Taylor out enough to take a nap!

1 comment:

megan said...

cute kiddos!
and your snowman beats the heck out of ours! awesome!