Sunday, January 03, 2010


Today was the day I was both excited for and dreading at the same time!

Our little Taylor Jane officially moved into Nursery!
The last few weeks of 2009 we would bring the "New Sunbeams" into closing exercises. Taylor was a mess, always wanting to sit by me and crying if I had to do something that didn't involve her sitting next to me.

I was worried that her being in the Primary Room the whole day was going to be exhausting!
She cried when it was time for class. I went in and sat for a few minutes with her. Her teacher is amazing and started class off with the story of Baby Moses. Then she pulled out a 'Baby Moses' for each kid. Huge hit with Taylor! I sneaked out right after that and she never looked back.

When it was time for Sharing/singing time she sat in her chair like a good girl and listened and tried to sing along.
Every once in a while giving me a thumbs up and smiling that she was having fun.
Thank goodness!

Now we will see how she does next week when it's my turn to do sharing time......


Lindsay said...

Yay Taylor--how exciting! I'm sure she will adjust soon & completely love it. I was bummed that Kaitlyn had to miss her first day of Primary since we are still in Utah. Next week though..

The Wayments said...

Yay taylor...i am so glad that she did good...Carson said,"I don't like my teacher. There are no treats. I am going back to my old class." Too bad in church that they dont hold you back.

Alisha Jane said...

Courtney, Carson had a Sub yesterday so he didn't even get to meet his 'real' teachers! :) But it is hilarious how much a treat can make or break your Sunday experience!