Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrapping up December

I have full intent to turn all my blog entry's into a blurb book (I have the first year done/printed and half of the second year started!) so I am getting all of '2009' pictures that has sat in a folder all month, into this year.

So, almost 100% of my blog is pictures of the kids, this post is no different! ;)


You know exactly what Parker wants when he is hanging onto this All the treats are in the cupboard just right up there.......

2. Tea Party for Two please

As Troy was leaving for the shop one morning, he stepped into our room informing me the kids were at the table eating breakfast. I was lazy that morning and after a few minutes finally dragged myself out of bed......
Only to find Taylor sitting as cute as ever in her Snow White dress sporting some shades. Both Parker's bowl and her bowl were in the sink and Parker's tray wiped clean before she brought out the tea cups. Both now enjoying an imaginary cup of tea and cookies. She is growing up so fast and (most of the time) does all that she can to help me out and keep things cleaned up :)

3. Guitar Hero Fanatics

After a little break from the Wii, Troy has been playing Guitar Hero again. Taylor loves to play along side of him and Parker RUNS to the couch when he hears the game turn on. He just sits and watches Troy play, just in complete 'ahhhhhh'

4. Dance Recital Wrap Up

Taylor had her final Dance Recital at the local High School. I think she was a little 'stunned' when they first opened up those curtains and the entire auditorium was full and the lights were all on THEM. But she did good. Grandma and Grandpa brought her flowers. Best thing ever. She loved them, and they are actually still alive and on our kitchen table....recital was on the 19th!

5. Pretty as a Princess

I know major blackmail pictures to show Parker's future wife, but he wanted the dress on!

Shortly after it was on he wanted it off because he kept tripping over it. Instead he wanted a shorter version. ;) We added a gun holster to help keep him a little 'manly' :)

Like Taylor's cute little dress??!?!? It was mine when I was younger...given to me by my Grandma Rios. I loved that dress. I love that my daughter loves playing in that dress.

6. Christmas 2009

I want to upload the first video of Taylor and Parker on Christmas morning when they walk out of their rooms and see that Santa came, but video uploading is taking forever! The pictures taken are on Troy's camera and I haven't even looked at them myself. They will most likely be added later. Until then, here's our cute little family at my sister's house after our first Christmas dinner for the day. We went straight from her house to Troy's family dinner. We were stuffed! ;)

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!
This last year has been wonderful and full of fun with our two crazy little ones.
Here's to a wonderful 2010!

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