Wednesday, November 11, 2009

{18 Months}

Last Friday, Parker turned 18 months. Which "officially" put him in Nursery! Yay!
He has gone in a few weeks before, but Sunday he was 'legal' :)

He is getting so big. He only says a hand full of words, but he will let you know if he needs something, if Taylor is pestering him, where he is hurt, and if he is HUNGRY! :)

Seriously, this kid makes me laugh when it comes to food. If you ask him if he is hungry (and if he is) he will stop in his tracks of what he is doing, and RUN to the high chair. Then he will continue to shake the tray until you catch up and put him in.
No joke.

He is such an easy kid, but lately tantrums are kicking in and he is starting to spend a little time out time. You barely get after him and he will adjust his attitude or stop doing what he is doing. Or cry. He is so tender hearted.

He doesn't like to share Mom. I spend alot of my time with two little ones fighting over who gets to sit on my lap. Or gets a little more of my attention.

If the camera is in hand and you tell him to say cheese. He stops, looks right at you, smiles and (tries) to say cheese. So cute.

Since he got his ear tubes, he has yet to get another infection. Well worth the money for the tubes!

LOVES his pacifier and blanket. I had mentally told myself that at 18 months we will get rid of the pacifier. I still have that plan, but Taylor and I are going to Utah this weekend leaving him behind with Dad/Grandma. It's not fair to them to have to put up with a little one going through Paci-withdrawals so it will be put off a week. Or two. :)

{HUGE} tease. He knows exactly what buttons to push on Taylor and what toys to touch to make her freak out! He laughs the entire time she is screaming. Then after a little while gives them back to her and runs off to find some more trouble to get into. Her blanket has a huge bulls eye on it in his mind.

A little too fearless. He runs towards water, flops around on our bed regardless if he is close to the edge, runs from you and grabs at any and everything in his path....he laughs. At least we have him taught to turn around on stairs and to get off the couch. Nothing letting him fall down a few stairs didn't cure. :) I also let him run into the cold water the other day, he didn't like it. And didn't go back into it after that :)

He is constantly trying to ride this little puppy. One day he will realize he is just a little too big for it. Or he will break it. What ever comes first.

He may be a little stinker sometimes, but we sure do love him!

Nothing like adding a little spice into our lives right?!?!?


Melissa said...

Happy 18 months Parker! What a cute boy. :0)

Erin L said...

his little suit is so cute!

Robnz Fam said...

Sweet post Lisha. Love it. He is so handsome. I can't even believe he is 18 mo. old! Crazy. So you will be in Utah this weekend?! I will be in Idaho (well, Elba) this weekend! Weird that we are trading spots for the weekend. Do you think it'd be fun to hang out during Christmas :0)??!!

Nicole said...

What a handsome boy! It is hard to believe that they are so old. They grow up too fast.

Heather B said...

He is seriously so cute. I love when they are old enough (or almost legal! haha) to go into nursery. I told myself I would wean Kalia from the pacifier at age 18 months too. But no. Put it off til 2 years. Oh well, who cares?

SAYDA said...

He is so cute. What a little man!