Sunday, November 01, 2009

{Trick Or Treat}


Since having kids, this year was the first Halloween that Troy wasn't in the tractor and was able to come out Trick or Treating with us! Thank Heavens, because with the two little ones I needed the extra set of hands :)

Our Little Dorothy
(I think her little dress turned out so cute!)

Our Little {Not So} Cowardly Lion

I took away the pacifier.

It's crazy how one minute they will melt my heart with how cute they are and the next drive me so insane I want to pull my hair out! :) This was a melt my heart moment.

We hit a few close family members and neighbors, then (after dinner) our ward trunk or treat.
I figured Troy would want me to walk around the 'parade of costumes' with the kids so I asked if he would take pictures.
His response: "Not with that strap!"
It kind of took me by surprise that he volunteered to walk around the gym with the kids. Not complaining.

Once Parker figured out what his basket was being used for, he pretty much had a death grip on it!
Sitting outside with some dear friends. AKA checking out their stash!

Usually after the trunk or treat we would be done. Pack the kids up and take them home. This year we walked around the little neighborhood by the church with my good friend Courtney and her boys.

Taylor {LOVED} it! Her and Carson were so funny and cute together! They were cracking us up! As we approached this house, Parker was running and so excited that he face planted into the bushes along the walk way. Then couldn't get up due to his extra padding around his mid-section. {Hilarious}

Then off to Grandma & Grandpa's.

Parker was so tired he didn't even wake up after the drive home and changing him into jammies.

This Halloween takes the cake {so far} since having kids.....


Melissa said...

They were very cute! I loved their costumes!

John and Robyn said...

I love their costumes! Taylor looks adorable and Parker is always super cute! I never really liked Halloween growing up...but now it is kinda fun when you see how much fun your kiddos have! It looks like you guys had a fun Halloween this year!

Gina Nielson said...

Thanks Alisha, I checked last night and didn't find your post yet so I went to bed. Then first thing this morning I woke up and thought it better be there, OR ELSE! Your so lucky that your safe, Ash is FIRED by the way!!!!!!
The costumes turned out really cute. In the end Parker looked like the "tiredly lion" :)

Robnz Fam said...

They look SO SO CUTE!!! Taylor Jane is an adorable Dorothy. I think that pic of them together is priceless!

Lindsay said...

What a fun night you had. And how adorable were both of your little kiddos?! You really are so talented to be able to make all that you do.

Jenni said...

I love their costumes. Taylor's dress is so pretty and Parker is super cute. You are so creative and talented.

Nicole said...

Nice work on the dress. It turned out great. What a cute little pair!

SAYDA said...

They are so cute! I love their little costumes, and I love how you added the red to Dorothy's dress.

Bradbury Bunch said...

Geez! Wasn't Parker just born yesterday!?! Now he's a walking lion looking all grown up and studly!!! I need to keep up with you guys more often! :) The outfits look fantastic with adorable kids to go with them! Glad you had such a wonderful Halloween!