Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grandma JoAnn's Funeral

The funeral was a {Beautiful} service. Many tears were shed, and a few chuckles here and there as we all remembered JoAnn.

During the service Taylor was on her best behavior and Parker (blessing in disguise!) was actually sick from teething, so he just sat quietly on my lap and cuddled for the entire time.
Parker was an Honorary Casket Bearer so he wore a boutonniere, he hated it and kept trying to pull it off. Then gave up.
At the grave site they had all the Casket Bearers and Honorary ones take off their boutonniere and place it on the casket. He didn't like having to take it off...silly kid.

We didn't take pictures of Troy in his nice new suit, Taylor in her pretty dress or Parker all spiffy in his pant suit. We just focused on the day. (I am planning on them wearing their attire to church on Sunday...picture to come then.)

Troy's niece e-mailed me this picture of Troy and Parker placing the flower on the casket....Thanks Nikkala!

We did get a picture of all the grandchildren (and some great) that were there and that all stood up and sang "I am a Child of God" during the service.

And one quick picture of Taylor and myself....

We know she is in a better place and Thank goodness for our knowledge in the Gospel so that we know we will someday be with her again.


megan said...

been thinking about glad it all went well!
what would we do without the gospel? I ask myself that question all the time.

Emilyjo said...

I'm so sorry about Troy's and your loss! That is so sad. I don't know what we would do without the knowledge the gospel brings us of eternal families!

ps. good job on the 5k, wish I was closer and we could run together!

John and Robyn said...

Alicia I am so sorry to hear about Troy's mom. It is always hard when someone you loves passes away...even with the knowledge that we have.

I will soon be purchasing stuff from your website...we just found out that we are having a little girl. I am glad that I know someone like you who is cute and crafty otherwise this little girl would be a bit deprived :)