Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another 5K

I ran in {this} 5K run this morning.

It was cold.
The wind was HORRIBLE the first mile.
I left my long sleeve shirt on to stay warm....bad idea. I can't run with material on my arms. It bugged me the {WHOLE} time.

I need to train outside ALOT more if I am going to keep up my running races. *Step away from just the treadmill! :)
I love the feeling I have when I am done running....accomplishment.

I shaved :22 off of last weeks time.
I had a blast!

My sister-in-law joined me in this wonderful event to help support the Call family (Thanks for running with me Christy!).

I graduated with their daughter {LOVE HER!}. Took {ONE} very mandatory speech class from *THE* Mr. Call (I can't act and I hate speaking in public....but his class was always a blast!). The Mrs. of the family is wonderful with a {huge} loving heart. You would never regret becoming a friend to any of the Call family members. Friend for life.

I wouldn't have missed supporting them, even if I had to crawl the entire way!
Now it's time to take the day off tomorrow and REST! :)

I think I want to run here or maybe here next. I can't decide which one. Any of you want to come run with me?


megan said...

i heard there was a run to support the calls, but wasn't sure what for?

congrats to you for finishing! i'd love to run with ya! too bad I'm so far away!

deidra said...

We'll cheer you on at the TOU 5K, since Chris and Chod will be running the marathon that day. And you could stay and cheer them on with the rest of us. Sounds like a party to me...

OUR FAMILY said...

Here at Huntsman with Dick. Long day so I decided to blog. He's getting his first 3 month CT and MRI. Scary, but wanted done to know.

You did awesome Saturday. Thanks for the support and your kind words. You sure look great. Giselle told me the other day... "Mom, Alisha looks really good!" I agree!!!

Erin L said...

i had fun at the park today. i love your etsy shop, too. love the tutu. i attempted to make Ana a tutu last year but it didn't turn out nearly so cute. anyway, see ya sunday!