Sunday, August 09, 2009

First 5K in 9 years!

Yesterday I ran my first 5K since the fall of my senior year!
Almost 9 years ago!

I was only a few minutes off of what I was running back then.
Kind of shocked me! :)

There is a little old lady in our ward that is ALWAYS taking pictures. She is so nice, she always gives you a copy!
This one of the kids and I is RIGHT AFTER I came in from running.

I have another race this coming Saturday!


Lindsay said...

Way to go Alisha! What a huge accomplishment. I SO look up to anyone that can run a marathon. It's just not in my blood. :) You look amazing for having two kids, by the way!

Melissa said...

Yeah! Congrats Lisha!

Anonymous said...


That "bump" is not a bump it looks more like a mountain!

Hewards said...

Way to get back out there! I hope to follow in your footsteps after number two is born. Good luck Saturday!

OUR FAMILY said...

Wow you look amazing and apparently are doing amazing! What an inspiration to other young moms to stay in shape like you.I can't believe you were only a few minutes off of what you were running back then.

OUR FAMILY said...

I am so sorry about your mother in law passing. My sincere love for you and all your family during this time of loss.

That is a horrible bump on his little head. Poor baby!