Friday, July 31, 2009

Not 100%

You know you are not feeling 100% yourself when your son walks in your room wearing his sister's sparkly silver church shoes sporting the biggest smile ever and you think, "I should take a picture."

You don't because getting up off your bed to get the camera seems so hard and not something you want to do at the moment.

I wish I would have taken that picture now that it's over.

I wish I felt 100% again so I could walk normal (my back/hips are KILLING me!) and stay away from the bathroom.....


Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

are you making an annoucement?? Well I am sorry you arent feeling well, thats so hard especially when all you want to do is sleep and you have 2 little ones wanting your attention. Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Alisha Jane said...

Shoot me now if it were an announcement! :)
I love having kids, but two is plenty for now (and for a while!)
I think I am getting an ear infection and all the lovely side affects that come with it!