Saturday, August 01, 2009

Corn on the Cob

One evening while making dinner, Taylor walks in and asks for corn. She {hates} corn. Has never eaten it before. Surprised, I totally agreed and she went down stairs to retrieve a can of corn from the storage room (favorite job, next to feeding the puppy!)

As I as opening the can she said, "No, this one." Pointing to the picture on the can. She wanted corn on the cob. She wouldn't eat it that night for dinner.

A few night later while at the store, we got some corn on the cob.

Parker LOVED it. But then again, he LOVES anything food. Taylor?!?!? So So. She took a few bites then wanted me to cut it off.

I don't really know how much he actually ate of it......


OUR FAMILY said...


Cindy said...

Taylor sounds like Calista. Calista will not eat corn on the cob either because it gets stuck in her teeth and it's messy. Pampered Chef has a really cool tool for cutting the corn off the cob - it's pretty slick!! Maybe someday they will learn to eat it on the cob!!

Melissa said...

I love the faces he makes! So stinking cute!