Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cafe Rio

I convinced Troy to take me to dinner the other night. Restaurant of Choice: Cafe Rio.

It was my first time {ever} going there. It was delish! Troy liked it too....until we were done eating and we were looking at the receipt and he learned that we were charged extra for the sour cream and guacamole. Not to mention to make our burrito enchilada style we paid more.
He also hates places that you get to 'choose' how your meal is made. Like cold stone. He hates it. He just wants to order something and they make it. He doesn't want to have to SAY which beans. :) Haha. Gotta love him! :)

It was great to have a sitter and have a nice meal without little ones!

I will go back to Cafe Rio. Don't know if Troy will.

To those that have found the {BEST} dish, let me know. I had the chicken burrito...
Wanted a salad but was a little worried..... :)


Angie said...

pork burrito for sure!!! Love cafe rio!!! I was counting down the days till it came to twin!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

oh how I miss that place.... I am with Angie, Pork Burrito is my favorite, I do like the pork salad as well. I am so jealous you guys have it so close that is my number one stop when I back to Utah. If you do take your kids, you get a childs cheese quesadilla for free. Maybe Troy would like that?

Troy said...

In honor of this post I just when to Cafe Rio's website and complained. (I can see Alisha rolling her eyes right now.) It is all part of becoming a grumpy old man. I understand that salsa, sour cream, and guacamole cost money and they need to charge for them. Just add it to the price and be done with it already.

Burrito Builder Dude: What kind of beans do you want?

Me: Uh, does it really matter?

BBD: Would you like it enchilada style? (AKA-Would you like some extra salsa?)

Me: Uh, sure.


BBD #2: Would you like sour cream?

Me: Uh, sure.


BBD #2: Would you like guacamole?

Me: Uh, sure.


BBD #2: Would you like chips and salsa?

Me: Uh, sure.


Cash Register Girl: Your $7 burrito now costs $12.50.

Me: WTH??? You mean you ran it through the toaster oven for free? Awesome.

By the way, all of this stuff is included at Aquila, and I get as many chips as I want for free.

The end.

Political Ninja said...

Definately the Pork Barbacoa, mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I like to get the pork tostada, it is cheaper, a pretty normal portion size, and sour cream comes with it!!! I also like the pork salad, the pork is better than the chicken, but the chicken is still good.

Natalie G. said...

Political Ninja is my husband's gmail account, but that is from me Natalie:)

Kristen said...

Cafe Rio is probably our all time favorite resteraunt. Really. We probably average once a week there... so sad, but so true.

TJ and I both LOVE the salads. I get the pork salad, he gets the chicken salad (sometimes the pork). I think their pork is the BEST.

FYI: Enchilada Style is for the sauce and cheese on the top of the burrito. And I think it's lame that it's extra too.

BUT, if you get the salad, it COMES with the guacamole and it's already added into the price. We always order the salad and it costs just what's listed, no extras since the guac is included.

Also, it's a great please to take the kids because the kids quesadilla is FREE! So you order one quesadiller per child and it costs you nothing extra... which is nice since so many places charge almost 5 bucks for a kids meal. I always get my rice and beans on the side when I order my salad (no extra charge) and then I share them with the kids because it comes with a lot of them.

The kids love the place, and we love it more.

You better make Troy go back with you!

Lindsay said...

Every time I go to Utah, I have to hit up Cafe Rio at least 3 or 4 times. Lately I LOVE the shredded chicken salad--the dressing is to die for! While I lived in Utah, I would get the pork burrito. Just talking about it makes me hungry for it again. I'll have to wait another month though. :)

Jen Anderson said...

Yay!!! So glad you went and tried Cafe Rio! It is a little slice of heaven as far as I am concerned! My personal fave is the pork salad, however when I am feeling the need for leftovers I have to get the pork burrito, enchilada style (sorry Troy). Anytime you want to go back I am ready and willing!!

Gina Nielson said...

Hi there girl! My boys love Cafe Rio! Braden took Craig there when he went to visit awhile back. Both boys love the pork also but Craig said he thought it is too sweet so he didn't like it! For some reason Craig and Troy remind me of each other. LOL

Tameka Lee said...

Alisha take if from me, a Cafe Rio veteran. The pork Tostada is the way to go. It is almost exactly like the salad just minus the tortilla shell. It is plenty of food, enough to split and still get full. Also it is a few bucks cheaper than the salad. Plus on Wednesdays it is the Tostada special and so you get a free drink with it.

Brian and Whit said...

the tostada is a choice, but i love, love their salads (even though i go to costa vida more than cafe rio...). their salad is pretty large, so you can eat as much as you can and save the rest to wrap up in the tortilla for a burrito meal later (just make sure you eat all the lettuc, as it gets nasty after reheating the thing).