Sunday, March 01, 2009

Wallet Issues

What do you get when you take this....

Add a little bit of this....

And a tad of my stupidity leaving the first on the roof?!?!?!?

You get this.....

The stupid thing is is after putting Taylor in her seat and walking around the car to place Parker into his I told myself, "Don't forget your wallet."
So I picked it up out of the cart seat and made sure I had it.

I just forgot to place it in the car. I have a REALLY bad habit of placing my purse/diaper bag (really anything) on top of my car while I get the kids in and out.

That will now change!

Another stupid moment was I actually HEARD it slide off my car (which occurred to me later that it was my wallet!), while I turned onto the busy road....I thought it was something shifting in the trunk!

This whole accident happened in Twin and I didn't think about my wallet until something kept telling me "Where's your wallet" right before my exit (about 40 minutes later!)
So after a call to K-mart to check the parking lot, a desperate call was then made to my brother that lives down the road to see if he can find it.

And he did....a little ways down the busy road.

In pieces.

As he was collecting pieces (dodging oncoming traffic to grab them!) he said he could hear pieces being flipped and tossed by the tires of the oncoming traffic!
I walked away actually pretty lucky. One credit card and an atm card is unaccounted for (nothing a call to cancel can't fix!), but pretty much everything was there.

Just a little broken.

One thing that came out pretty perfect was this....

Seriously, my temple recommend is pretty much in perfect condition!

Tomorrow will officially become my replacement day.


Emilyjo said...

Sorry about you wallet, that stinks! I'm surprised he found it and almost everything that was in it!
That's neat about your recomment though. That was the most important thing in there anyway right?!
Good Luck getting everything fixed!

Jenni said...

Wow, I can't believe how much damage was done. But pretty cool that your temple recommend was in perfect condition.

Kristen said...

Oh no! Haha, that sounds like something I would do! Luckily everything is replaceable... it will just be a big fat pain to do the replacing!

Melissa said...

I hate it when I do stuff like this! I learned my lesson after my cell phone went for a ride.

Heather B said...

Wow, crazy stuff. I totally feel your pain. I lost my cell phone that way (never found it) and I did leave my wallet in a shopping cart at Smiths once. (It was stolen and credit cards were used.) It's time like those that I totally curse my absentmindedness. I'm glad that at least it was found (even in pieces.)

THE CALLS said...

That is so amazing about the temple recommend. I can't believe the wallet was still there.I'm glad you got your license. You worry about identity theft. I'm also glad you had a brother there to retrieve it. What a hero!!!
About two weeks ago when we were in SLC I told Bree to go through the mail and deposit a check for us. In the morning when she was taking the kids to school, she did the same thing you did... put the check on the top of the car. She discovered it when she had no check to deposit at the bank and remembered she didn't grab it. She called me crying and I told her it's ok. We will have it cancelled, even though we needed money right now. I felt so at peace thinking it would be in our mail box when we got home since everybody knows each other in B town. We got home next day, it was raining and I drove from the Jr High to our house looking for it. Then I saw an envelope across the street from our house. It was our check!!! It was a little damp but good enough to deposit.