Sunday, February 22, 2009

Guitar Hero Dancin'

A few weeks back I committed to Troy's brother and sister in law to watch their two youngest kids Friday and Saturday. Just so happens I got really really sick while they were here.

I may not have been much fun for the little ones but they are young....they will find entertainment any where!
The weekend was spent playing LOTS and LOTS of Guitar Hero and snowboarding (wii style). I seriously will be okay if I NEVER hear "Eye of the Tiger" again. That was one of two songs that Colby could get all the way through without getting boo'd off stage so he played it over and over AND over again!
Since Taylor and Mason were a little too young to actually play the guitar, they danced to the music of it! :)

Mason cracks me up! He is one funny kid!


deidra said...

Love the "man cough." And I bet that Ryan and Troy were free spirits like Mase when they were little.

Cederberg Family said...

Hey I wanted to let you know about Hop 2 It. It is so fun! It is pretty new. I am bad at explaining directions so here is their website. It is really cheap to! All that information is on there! I would recommend it to any family!!

THE CALLS said...

I know what you mean about "Eye of the Tiger." Boy she can dance!