Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mommy's "Other" Little Helper

With Parker's new talent of crawling he gets where he wants to go and he's getting there fast these days!

He's becoming my little helper.....helper of destruction!

That's what little boys do right?!?!?!

I was cutting fabric the other day and he took it upon himself to hold the fabric down for me....

Cutting of fabric will now only be done downstairs or on the kitchen table.
Too bad, I like cutting it on the floor in the living room so I can watch a show.
I knew my days were numbered before he wants to 'help', but come on really....already?!?!?


Melissa said...

I love the look he has on his face in these pictures. You can tell that he thinks he is so funny.

Heather B said...

Yeah, but he's just about the cutest thing ever. :)