Sunday, February 08, 2009

Happy 9 Months!

Parker turned 9 months old on Friday.

Our little bug is growing right on up!

Weight: 19 lbs. 7 oz.
Length: 29" long
(Weight going off of our little scale we have here at the house.)

Just a little about him:

*LOVES his food. Any food for that matter. We have yet to find a food so terrible he won't eat it.

*While on the topic of food: if you place food in front of him, only place what you WANT IN HIS MOUTH! He SHOVES it all in as soon as it hits the high chair tray. Then tries to swallow.

*Waves Hi

*Says two words: Dada and Tay Tay. Yes, while I was trying to 'brain wash' him into saying Mama, Taylor was always sitting next to me teaching him how to say Tay Tay. He listened to her. Doesn't he know who feeds him?!?!? :)

*Sits up, but would much rather be on the move. Totally skipped the sit in one place and play happily with toys phase. *tear* I loved that stage with Taylor. He will sit for a few minutes than flop down and roll or army crawl himself around the house.

*Mama's boy. He can be perfectly happy playing, but as soon as he sees me in another room or I walk by him without picking him up, the tears start flowing.

*Tears stop as soon as he gets what he

*FINALLY will drink from a bottle. Up until a couple weeks ago I couldn't get him to drink out of anything...and swallow. He will suck the liquid, but then spit it out. Now he will happily drink juice or even formula! I was planning on quitting nursing at 10 months (like I did w/Taylor) and it wasn't looking very good until about a week ago.

*Loves his minky security blankets. I made sure if he were to get attached to a blanket, it was going to be little. Taylor's big blanket was a pain! A little security one I can handle. :)

*Took his first bath with out his little seat the other night. And loved it. He thought he was pretty hot stuff sliding up and down the tub.

*Has only slept through the night a hand full of times since he got sick. I am tired.

*Loves his big sister. All smiles when she walks in the room and she loves him just as much.

*Will climb over ANYTHING in his way to get to one of his sister's dolls. This makes Taylor very mad.

*Loves his walker.

*Hates getting dressed after his morning baths. He SCREAMS the entire time.

*Usually only takes one nap a day.

*Waves Hi

*Plays peek a boo with his little blanket. (SO CUTE!)

I love this little man and am VERY VERY happy we were blessed to have him join our family!

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