Friday, November 21, 2008

This Just "Kicked" In

With my {26th!} Birthday right around the corner, I received this box today in the mail from my sister Gina.

When Troy went out to get it from the Mail Man (they seriously pull up to our back door and just LAY on the horn and wait for us to come get packages!) he brought it to me and says, "It looks like they kicked it all the way here from New York."

On the top of the box is a sticker that reads: "We're Sorry that your article was damaged during process."

Along with another sticker: "Received possibly damaged."

"Possibly"....ya think?!?!?

I got an e-mail from someone that had just bought bows from me (which she lives in Canada and it takes OVER two weeks to get stuff!) but she said the organza bows were flat as pancakes. Well, if they treat a big box like this, could you imagine what they would have done to a smaller box (because my bows only get mailed out in a box!)?!?!? Geez!

Even though the box was damaged, the contents were not (with the exception of a little spillage of some body wash...good thinking Gina to put it in a separate bag from all the super cute clothes!) I LOVE IT ALL....THANKS GINA!!!



Emilyjo said...

Wow, I would call that pretty well damaged. I wonder if the workers just get bored and start kicking boxes sometimes! I'm glad you stuff wasn't wrecked!
Happy Birthday on Tuesday!!!

Gina Nielson said...

Kicked in is right!! It really does look like someone had a go at it doesn't it!!!!
I'm glad it all worked out okay though!
Happy Birthday!!!!!

Emilyjo said...

Happy Birthday Alisha!!!! Have a wonderful day!!! I sent you a little brithday package but I didn't get it out till yesterday morning so it will be late. Sorry! But Happy Birthday anyway. I can't wait to hear all about your big day!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

"Happy Happy Birthday Alisha dear happy days will come to you all year"!!! I hope you are celebrating big, you deserve it!