Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Family Pictures

We got some family pictures taken last week.
Little Taylor was being a stinker and would just sit there and close her eyes!
It made the process of picking out the 'best' one alot easier! There were only about 3 or 4 pictures where her eyes were open, Troy and I weren't talking to her or Dudey wasn't lookin' silly!

Which one do you like better?
I kind of like the one where we are all leaned in closer, but Troy thinks we look retarded! He also didn't like that I made him wear black socks, but he would have REALLY hated it if you could see some bright white socks sticking out of the bottom of those jeans! ;)

**For the record, I ordered the first one to get printed.**

1 comment:

Jenni said...

You have such a cute family. I loved the outfits you picked out for everyone. And i really liked both pictures. I need to get family pictures done too.