Wednesday, November 26, 2008

{26} Years Young

This time of year has multiple times to celebrate. Not only is it Thanksgiving, but I was born on the big Turkey day so my birthday is always a few days before or after (since birth my b-day has only landed on Thanksgiving twice!). My big day has come and gone. I am another year older. I am almost late 20's! aaahhhh!! :)

The birthday celebrations started Monday night when my dear friends showed up (surprising me!) around 9:00 pm, birthday cake and lit candles in hand and ready to sing! The cake was DELISH and the company made it even better. Thanks girls, it was fabulous!!!!

Tuesday, Troy watched Taylor for me so Melissa and I could go to Pocatello and do some shopping. That is what I wanted for my to buy some new clothes :) And I found some great stuff!
This picture totally doesn't do this skirt justice! It's WAY cute in person! :)

Gotta love Rocket Dog!

My Mom said she would watch the kids that night so we could go out to dinner, but I wanted to spend time with my family so the four of us went to dinner together then went to the local High School girls game. Taylor did the usual dancing with the band/cheerleaders, but this year she was excited every time the 'kitty' (the school mascot is a bobcat!) would go by and she actually watched the game fairly well.

But it didn't end there! :)
Tonight I had just put a pot of stew on, when my parents called to take us to dinner, since the grub was already cookin' they just joined us for dinner and helped us eat the cake I bought for myself....strawberry shortcake. I LOVE angel food cake!

It was very low key, but it was great!


Korbi said...

Happy Birthday!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday! Cute clothes and shoes.

Emilyjo said...

Happy Birthday Alisha!!! I'm glad you got to do some fun things!
And you're family pictures turned out super cute! I like both of them!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday! 26 is {oh-so} fabulous! Hope you have a good day!

Your family pictures are really great. I personally like the first picture.

THE CALLS said...

Happy Birthday!