Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday Shopping!!!!

I don't really have a post just for was fabulous-good food, wonderful company.
We went to Troy's sister's house and the crowd was small, but it was great that the youngest kid {running} around the house was Taylor, so all the adults could completely relax and engage in conversation while they kids pretty much played together (or entertained themselves!). We ate the first time at 1:00, we stayed there long enough to pull out the left overs and warm them up for round two! :)

Now the next best thing that happens around Thanksgiving (besides my BIRTHDAY!) is BLACK FRIDAY!

My Mom, My sister Melissa and I do it every where! Never fails! Some years we are joined by my sister-in-laws that are in town for Thanksgiving. This year it was Christy. We also decided to go to the 24 hour Wal-mart in Jerome so the three of us {plus Parker} packed our things up and went to Twin late Thursday night and stayed the night at my brother's.....which worked out nicely because I just woke Parker up before we left, fed him and then Jason got up with him when he woke up for the day, fed him his cereal and got him dressed for me, then let him play until around 8:30 when we went and picked up the two little ones (he has one that is just a couple months younger than Parker) :) THANKS JASON!

We were up bright and early and HATED EVERY MINUTE OF THE WAL-MART shopping experience! We were there at 4:30 and there were TONS of people already there, with carts FULL of the sale products (minus some of their big items, which couldn't be opened yet.)
I had to wait around a pallet for this for Taylor, but we weren't even 'told' we could open the pallet up-the people standing around the pallet just pulled the wrapping off and started I grabbed too! ;)

I got my three (two were for Melissa) that I was assigned to get then met up with Melissa and called it quits for the Wal-mart experience....we will be sticking with our 'wait in the cold' local Wal-Mart next year.

Next was Target. We waited in line for almost an hour, but well worth it because we were pretty close to the front and all four of us left with the things we had on our lists.

Then it was just 'easy' {for Black Friday shopping} after that.

I left Twin with only two presents left to buy! One is known and needs to be ordered, the other is TBD.

Call me crazy, but Black Friday is fun {to a point} then I am just tired and need a bed.

We go for some great buys and stories that will last forever....and we gets some every year!

This year: (for those involved) "We don't browse" conversations :) Luv ya Christy!


Korbi said...

I feel the same way! Black friday is for the memories baby!

Anonymous said...

A lot of great and terrible things happen on Black Friday. Your local Wal-mart let everyone wait inside this year, and served warm donuts!