Friday, May 30, 2008

Who's There?

Have you ever walked into a dark room and get the 'feeling' you aren't alone???

That is what happened to me a few nights ago.
I was woke up out of a deep sleep hearing a muffled cry coming from Parker's room (Yes, a day shy of him turning 3 weeks we kicked him out of our room, the gruntin' pig had to go!). The first thought I had was something was over his face!

I dash to his room to find his bedroom door closed (which was odd) but I thought maybe I just closed it out of habit of closing Taylor's door.

As I enter his room and scoop him up I can hear movement....and it wasn't coming from him.
I look down and out from under his bed Taylor Jane comes out!
That little turkey! I instantly scoot her back to her OWN room and back to bed.

She must have startled him or something because he was most definitely not happy with her being in his room (I wasn't either!)

That night made it night number two where she got up and left her bedroom in the wee hours of the night (the night before I heard her playing in the living room with her shopping cart). We have now had to pull her door tight so we could hear her (struggle) to open the door and catch her before she takes it upon herself to wonder free.

Once she conquers opening doors, we will be placing a child proof knob attachment on the inside of her door.


Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

What a funny little girl, ( I am sure you are not thinking that in the middle of the night waking up your newborn. She just cant get enough of him she wants to see him every sleeping moment as well as waking. Sorry hopefully she says in her room and you can get more sleep.

Over the moon said...

I was thinking the same thing as Sarah. She can't get enough of him! How is he sleeping for you so far? I can't believe that it's been three weeks already!!!

Jenni said...

I'm interested to know how you resolve the issue. I'm beginning to think about putting Lizzie in a regular bed and I'm not sure how to handle these kind of situations. I would have been a little scared going in a dark room and having something come out from under the bed.