Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Little Too Yellow

Our poor little dude is lookin' a little too yellow these days, so the Doctor had me pick up a billiblanket to help out his coloring. All afternoon today and pretty much all of tomorrow he will get to lounge around on our bed.

Which he loves...don't blame him, it's pretty comfy! :)
Taylor and myself also love to hang out in our room on our bed so we pretty much all win!

**Parker's weight at appt. 7 lbs. 4 oz.**


The Calls said...

I love how Taylor looks in the background. She's just hanging out. 4 out of my 5 kids had jaundice. Aubrey even got life-flighted to Prim. Children's Hosp. She went up as high as 32. SCARY!!! Increase the feedings so that he can poop all the bilirubin out. Do frequent breatfeedings of sufficient duration to stimulate adequate milk production. Open the curtains and let the sunshine in. (If we get any) It would help if you lay him in direct sunlight. Love, Sayda

Alisha W. said...

Thanks Sayda! He poops like crazy so hopefully it is doing the job! I agree on 'if' we get any sunshine! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the little one Alisha! Have fun lounging in bed, that is always good, if you ask me!:)