Thursday, May 15, 2008


Taylor Jane

Parker T

Here are some comparison pictures of Taylor and of Parker around the same age. Taylor had to sleep completely swaddled and placed in the positioning pillow.
Parker on the other hand doesn't mind if he's not swaddled and wasn't a fan of the positioning pillow!

I thought Taylor's hair was alot lighter when she was born, but looking at these pictures Parker's is only slightly darker. I think he has more hair too....good thing because with all the heart burn I had with him he better have lots (I have NEVER in my life had heartburn until preggo with him!)

I think they look ALOT alike, the sad thing is is we still don't know who Taylor looks like so that means we don't know who Parker looks like either! :)


Nikkala said...

I think Parker looks like his daddy.

Bentley was a non-swaddler also. I love how Parker is sleeping with his arms by his head, just like my Bentley used to and still does.

deidra said...

I think Parker looks a bit like Mason and Ryan and Maren's other kids. Which would mean he looks like a Wilkins!

He looks too sweet to see the resemblance to his dad.

Alisha W. said...

I said the same thing the other day that Parker looks like Mason! Maybe it's the cheeks?!?!!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

What a sweet heart! He is adorable, Cooper wasnt much of a swaddler either. That is how he used to sleep with his arms by his head. How are you doing?

Heather B said...

Oh they are BOTH just as cute as can be! I need a newborn!! It's interesting to hear the comparisons and the differences.

Melissa said...

David thinks Taylor looks like you, lish.

sarakorbi said...

what does your mail man look like?

Over the moon said...

Oh CUTE! I love those comparison pics! He is so super cute Lish. I love him. I can't wait to hold him!!! They look SO much alike in these pictures! I'll bet he gets your beautiful big eyes just like Taylor did! I hope all is going well with you, I think of you so often! I miss you!