Monday, May 12, 2008

First day of no help

Today was my first day without any help!
It actually went pretty smooth, minus the fact that last night Taylor decided she didn't want to sleep and then was wide awake before 7. Moving her nap from her usual 1-3:30 to 11-1:00!

It made it a long afternoon of trying to entertain her and evening even longer keeping her from being too grouchy and awake until bedtime!

We did get manicures and pedicures (I kept scratching Parker and I can FINALLY reach my toes!) and I got to try my hand at putting make up on using one hand because Parker decided he wanted to be held all afternoon. :)

I am definitely feeling not having a nap and having to get up a few times last night! I will adjust....hopefully! :)

Here's some pics I took of Parker today (Can you see his little birth mark by his right ear in the second pic??). He is so tiny and even though I already had one kid, it still amazes me when I look at him that I am his mom and that he is MINE! He is so little and a pretty content little thing.
He doesn't mind not being swaddled (Taylor HATED being unwrapped!), not a big fan of getting his diaper changed (unless it's after a feeding, then he is pretty good), finally started nursing longer so life is good!
I can't believe how much this kid poops though! I don't remember Taylor pooping this much, or have as much gas as he has...gets it from his father I know it!

We love him and I am soooooo glad he has come into our little family!


Bradbury Trio said...

ALISHA--A BELATED CONGRATULATIONS!! I knew I would miss out on so much going on vacation!!! PARKER IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOY!! [more pictures please]

I was reading that you delivered with no epidural--YOU GO GIRL!--I'm looking forward to reading the adventures that await with this new bundle of joy and how different or the same it's going to be after having a girl first!!!

megan said...

you give me hope! I so want the second baby to be different from caden! It's amazing how different they look in a week, huh?! I love his dark hair! Did taylor have dark hair too?

Pugmires said...

He is so sweet. I can't wait to hold him! Does he look like Taylor's baby pictures at all? I can't decide who he looks like.
oh, and yes I am still coming to Burley the 23-25. You didn't think I could move away without holding that little boy did you?

Jenni said...

Sounds like you did pretty good with the first day on your own. The thought of having two kids really intimidates me. He is such a beautiful baby, I love these pictures of him.

Over the moon said...

Oh what a CUTIE!!! Oh dear, it's a good thing that Em and I aren't going to be in B-town at the same time or else we would fight over him :0). He is so handsome, I can't believe he is here already!!! You will be such a great mom of two now, you will be great! I wish that we could make it to Burley again for Nat's reception, but we have been on the road three weekend's in a row now so we won't be able to, but the next time I make it down I'll be there! So how is the recovery process this time around? I hear that when you don't have an epidural the recovery is easier, but then I hear that the second baby recovery is a lot easier too?! What an awesome experience either way! I'm so proud of you!!!

sarakorbi said...

those are beautiful pictures of your little Parker