Friday, May 09, 2008

Birth of Parker T

So, I am finally getting around to posting about the birth of Little Parker.
Up until today before dinner I was handling the whole addition process pretty well, but I lost it a little and had to get out a good cry :) All better now (minus the pain you get when the milk comes in! ouch!)

Going back to Saturday night, Troy and I went to our ward Elder's quorum bbq. By the end of the event I was having a ton of contractions. They continued all night long, that I was almost tempted to wake Troy up and take me to the hospital but decided to wait it out until morning. By then I felt fine and continued to feel fine all day (minus a few contractions here and there through out the day.)

I had a Dr's appointment Monday morning. I was dilated to a 2 and 75% effaced. The doctor told me to make an appointment for another week so we don't jinx me, but he more than likely will see me before then to deliver the baby.
After the appointment Melissa and I walked from my parents house to story book park with the kids. Pretty much the entire time we were walking to and from I was having contractions. They continued throughout the night.

I woke up on Tuesday planning on going to my Mother's Day (yes, I was going to get one!) pre-natal massage at noon. I was so excited! By 9:30 I was heading into town to get a few things at Wal-mart and then to drop Taylor off with Melissa at my parents house. Melissa ended up meeting me at Wal-mart and we both pretty much decided that I wasn't going to be making it to my massage appointment!
On the way to my parents house I called Troy and told him I think we need to go in to the hospital. He was in the middle of water so I told him I can wait until he was done. He made it into town around noon. I was fine until he showed up and then the reality that I may be having this baby TODAY kicked in and I started crying as I was saying good bye to Taylor. I asked Troy if he and my dad would give me a blessing before we head in. After that we made it to the hospital around 12:00.

At 12:30 I was dilated to a 3. They were going to watch me for an hour and see how much progress I was making. An hour goes by and the nurse tells me we are about the same maybe just a little more but that she will talk to the doctor. I knew it! They were going to send me home! I kept telling Troy they were going too. Within minutes the doctor comes in and checks and says I am a good 4 and breaks my water! This is at 1:30.

Going into the hospital I KNEW I did NOT want stadohl (spelling??!!) with Taylor it just made me hot and loopy and just miserable! I wanted just to go straight to the epidural. The nurse lets me know that she can't have the anesthesiologist come in until after my blood work comes back so she will 'stall' a little before starting the pitocin.
Not long after that she comes in with all the paper work, then starts the pitocin. The contractions start getting stronger and closer together when the nurse comes in and tells me that she had some bad news!

Great! She tells me her timing was way off and that the anesthesiologist was in surgery and it will be at least 45 minutes until I can get an epidural and the other anesthesiologist was at least 2 hours away (also in surgery!) So I tell her to give me the stadohl. I was already really hot and sweaty and I realized it wasn't the stadohl with Taylor it was the pitocin that made me hot. Once I got the stadohl (2:30) I had 45 minutes to endure until I could get more relief...I can do this!
I was still in a ton of pain but it did take the edge off a little....not much though!
I had about 10 minutes to go until epidural time when I am checked, I am a 6+.
The nurse literally just walked out of the room and I tell Troy that he needs to tell them that it feels like I need to push.
The nurse, along with the 'new' nurse that was changing shifts with my current nurse come straight in and check....I am a 10! So much for the epidural! Next thing I know the nurses tell me that the Dr. is actually still in surgery (with the anesthesiologist that we were waiting for!) I kind of start to freak out and ask them if they could deliver if they needed too. They kind of laugh it off and say, they will if they needed too.

Well, they needed too! About 4 painful pushes later, little Parker made his appearance into this world.
I told Troy we were blessed with a little angel that day, but we were also being watched by an angel.

There was a reason the nurse and doctor both decided not to send us home and that I dilated so fast and did not have to push very long....the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice!
About 5 minutes after I had Parker the doctor had finished up enough in his surgery to make it to 'finish' with me.

After everything was over I was still in absolute shock with how fast everything happened and the simple fact that I didn't get an epidural, nurses delivered him and the whole cord thing. We were truly being watched over!

Just like Taylor, Parker was born ready to suck! He pretty much nursed the first hour of his life and we have had no problem with him latching on. He also takes to the pacifier like a champ! It is a little frustrating now that my milk has come in he won't nurse as long so he isn't helping me out as much as I would like! :)

I actually feel way better physically after delivering him then I did with Taylor!
I have definitely had my moments of being overwhelmed with two kids (mostly just getting ready for the day...Taylor doesn't like when he cries so him crying as I dress him causes her to act out and cry too and it's always when I am without help!)

I definitely couldn't have made the transition these past few days without the help of my mom! She took the whole week off from work and has come out to our house every morning and stayed until after dinner or until Troy gets home.
She has cleaned my house, done our laundry, cooked us meals and helped entertain Taylor. I am so thankful for her and only hope that when my children get older they will love me as much as I love her for all the things she has done for me! Thanks Mom!

**For my 'journal' notes at his Dr's appointment today he was 6 lbs. 10 oz**


The Calls said...

Congratulations! He is precious!!!
Take advantage of all who offer their assistance. Enjoy that help as much as you can. Remember, don't try and do it all. Take time to rest/sleep as much as you can. Take it easy for six weeks and just worry about bonding with the little one and enjoying Taylor. After those six weeks pass, everything will come natural, just if you always had two little ones. During those six weeks some things that you are so used to getting done, won't get done but who just made a human being. Don't pretend to be a super mom, because no matter what... none of us are. It just appears that way. Good luck! Sayda

Melissa said...

Hey Lish! I hope you are feeling better after a good cry. Don't feel bad, it happens to all of us. I cried for an entire day a few days after having Ashton because I wanted the big boys to come home from moms, but I knew I wasn't ready yet. And I agree that our mommy is a great one. What would we do without her?

gizcallyomom said...

Ah, you made ME cry! What a miracle! You are amaing Alisha! I often think the same thing about having children who will love me as much as I love my mom. So can't wait to see all of your faces! Again, such a miracle!!!!

Pugmires said...

I love hearing different peoples labor and delivery stories. I'm so glad he made it here safely! And man you had contractions for a long time. I never really had strong contractions with either of mine until after my water broke! You are so amazing! I wish I could come and help-but as we both know if I were to bring my kids there I would end up being more of a burden then a help. But I can't wait to see Parker! And I'm glad your mom has been around to help so much. I love the week after I have a baby because me mom stays with us and she is always such good company plus she leaves my house spotless and my fridge full of food! Good Luck! Feel free to call anytime when you just want to talk to someone other then a child. :) Love ya!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

Moms are great!!! Its so true you will never appreciate your mom so much until you have your own and realize how much you love and care for them! Way to go, you are so strong!!! I am impressed. I am glad you are getting along and I cant wait to see little parker.

Chanc Nicole said...

Congratulations Alisha! I've been without internet for a week so this is all news to me. He's adorable and you're a champion for enduring full on labor. It truly is a blessing that everything went as smoothly as it did. We're grateful right along with you. I look forward to seeing you and your new little one. We hope at Natalie's reception? Take care and good luck with everything. I can only imagine how difficult it must be with 2 since I have been overwhelmed at times with just one. But I also know that we're blessed beyond our capacities as we seek to be mothers. Congrats again!

sarakorbi said...

congrats congrats and more congrats!!! Yeah for you and wow, what a story. I think the best thing is thinking, "how can I share my love?" but then it just grows.... I screamed like a baby without my epidural, how'd you do? :) But I do admit that the recovery was a lot better.

megan said...

wow! I didn't realize you had your baby!! he is soooo handsome!!! His cord was wrapped around his neck 2 times and you didn't have a hard time getting him out????? I'm amazed by that! Caden wouldn't come out! Anyways, I'm glad you shared your labor story! And can't believe there wasn't an anastheiologist around! That would have killed me :-)

Heather B said...

WHAT A STORY! I'm just getting caught up, congratulations, he is absolutely darling, and you GO GIRL, you did it without an epidural,, best of luck with two and keep those pictures coming!