Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Oh The Joys!

Since Taylor has learned to escape out of her bed, she really has not been too bad (luckily!) She left her room once one night and after getting told to get back into bed, she will not leave her room when she is suppose to be laying down.

Instead, she will get up and play for a little while, pull all the pull-ups out of one of the drawers and stash them in her kitchen cupboards, or climb out to get a few hundred more toys to pile on her bed to sleep with. When she is done napping and played for a while she will go to her door and knock on it and call for me to come get her (which makes me laugh because I do not pull it shut tight so she can easily just open it herself!)

I have found her multiple times napping on her floor once she has tired herself, but at least she naps and gives me a good 2-3 hours to clean, sew, make bows or NAP myself!

Yesterday after her nap I could hear her rummaging around in her room, I really didn't think anything of it, but then I started seeing things piling up in front of the crack of her door and I started wondering what she was up too!

This is what I saw when I opened the door......

I about died! I don't mind if she throws all the pull-ups out because they easily get thrown back into the drawer, but she had moved on to the pajama/tight/socks drawer and had just begun on the pants/skirts drawer!

As soon as I said, "Taylor look at this mess!" She stopped what she was doing looked around, threw her arms in the air and said, "Oh-NO!"
Then she proceeded to start picking up some jammies and throwing them in the drawer. If I had the personality to just let her throw them back into the drawer I would not have stopped her from cleaning up, but I knew it would drive me crazy so I only made her pick up all the pull-ups while I folded and put away the rest.

The joys of having a toddler that can get out of bed.

Just for fun, every time I tried to get a picture of just her she kept putting her finger to her eye (like she had a camera) and would say "Cheese!"
Never a dull moment!


Melissa said...

ROTFL! Sorry Lish, but I just love that little Taylor, who is an absolute angel compared to my kids, made a mess! My kids still have her beat with the six brand new boxes of cereal dumped on my living room floor.

Conley Clan said...

How funny! Way to go, she at least knows she has to clean up!

Chanc Nicole said...

Great story and pictures. I love her hair.

R.Giselle said...

Ah, I just LOVE her! You too! SO hope your doing good.

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

that is too funny! Its a good thing she is so dang cute!

Jenni said...

Wow, it looks like she had a lot of fun. It amazes me how something so small and cute could make such a big mess. On a happier note, it looks like she has a lot of cute pajamas and stockings.

Pugmires said...

That is just too funny!!! I love that my kids aren't the only ones that can make a giant mess in a matter of minutes!
And I was like you at first-I liked Maddie's clothes all folded and put in order and in the correct drawer-but as many times as she changes a day and with my crazy Garen, Maddie has learned to put all her own clothes away, even hanging up shirts. It is far from perfect, but it helps me out a ton!

ps. how did you bend over to pick all those up? I bet you couldn't breathe very well when you did it! ;)

Alisha W. said...

Since the drawers are so close to the ground, I just sat on the floor and folded and put them in the drawers...are you kidding??!!?! No bending here! :) If I had to bend multiple times over and over again I would have totally let Taylor just throw them in the drawer and then make Troy help with the folding part! Haha!

The Calls said...

I think she is even cuter when she's done wrong. What's up with that? Sayda Call