Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sneaky Stinker

One of Taylor and Troy's favorite thing to do is try to 'sneak up' and scare me.
Taylor gives it away as soon as Troy mentions sneaking up on me with laughs and squeals as they start their way towards me.

This afternoon as I was flipping through a book on the couch I heard Troy tell Taylor, "Let's sneak up on Mom."

Surprisingly, I didn't hear a peep come out of Taylor as they started crawling on the ground making their way around the couch towards me.

No squeals, no laughter.
Absolute silence...then I heard it.

One little stinker...then two...then three....

I busted up laughing and had to break the 'silence' and ask Troy which one of the two was letting the stinkers rip.

He blamed it on the baby.



The Calls said...

That is the cutest story. I love to see your little girls pictures. She really looks like a little princess. I have so many questions on blogging. One of this days, maybe I could take you and the little princess to lunch. Then I can steal you and bring you to my house so that you can teach me. Guess what? I'm trying to convince Giselle to start a blog. Sayda

Melissa said...

LOL! Tell Troy that I don't believe that it was Taylor at all!

Lindsay said...

Hey Alisha--

So I know you have your own Bow shop on ebay and I was wondering if you knew where to find the material for the crochet baby headbands. I have looked all over and can't seem to locate them. Let me know if you get a chance.


Heather B said...

Great story, I laughed outloud.