Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ashton's Birthday Party

Melissa's "baby" turned 3 last Sunday and yesterday was his party. He loves Thomas the Train so a train cake was absolutely perfect for the little tike. I was the designated cake maker for the event. Besides Jason and Christy's wedding cakes that I did, the train is next in line for most 'time spent decorating'! I (personally) thought it turned out great!

I have never watched a show of Thomas the Train so when I arrived at Melissa's house and her oldest (Keegan) asked me "Who it was?" I was quick to respond, "It's not a person crazy it's a thing!"
Then Melissa explained to him that it wasn't a 'character' off Thomas, just a train. Then I was the one that felt like the crazy! ;)

When it came time to sing and blow out the candles, we barely got out the "Happy Birthday to you..." and he was attempting to blow out the candles, but he couldn't quite get them...

Leave it to my daughter to help him out in time of discouragement...

Together they figured it out and Ashton conquered the candles...

After cake it was present time, which consisted of Thomas, Thomas and some more Thomas stuff! He did get some 'garden' stuff from my parents though-
And of course, the entire time he was opening his presents he had a little 'friend' helping him out and making sure the toys were FUN. I think they met inspection!

Then David made the mistake of sitting on the floor and the kid's started jumping and wrestling with him.
Remember this photo taken 2 years ago! These are all the little cousins around Taylor's age (on my side plus minus Zander) that she gets to run around with.

Now that they are all a little older, it's fun to watch them. Even if it does surprise me that my little girly girl will jump right in and roll with them! Especially when we had to get her on an antibiotic for an ear infection the day before!!
The kids all loved playing with David (minus Ashton, see him in the bottom left picture taking the opportunity to play with his toys without Taylor??!!!)

Yesterday really was a day much needed! With Taylor being sick and some crummy weather her and I both pretty much stayed home every day all week long! Making this last weeks one of the SLOWEST of my pregnancy! It was wonderful to let Taylor play with little kids and I got to talk to an actual ADULT and not a 2 year old! :)

Thanks for the party Melissa!


Melissa said...

Love the post lish! I love the picture of Ash after he got the candles out. I will have to come by sometime this week so I can copy all of the pictures. Thanks again for making the cake! It was AMAZING!

Pugmires said...

Looks like a fun birthday! And I love the cake-great job.
Hey, I am dong a Hawaiian laua for Maddi'e birthday and Garen is getting a Diego party-so if you want to help make cakes, I wouldn't say no. I know, you'll be busy with Parker by then. But if you know a good way to make a volcano cake let me know! Since you are the cake expert!

Jenni said...

That cake looked awesome. You are so talented and you seem to be talented at everything you take on.

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

I am impressed, what a cute cake! I am glad you got some adult interaction some days I feel kindof crazy just talking to an infant all day.

Ben and Sara said...

Wow! Good job on the cake!! It looks like it was a fun party.