Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lesson Learned....Hopefully!

Taylor is a VERY picky eater! Some days she won't eat anything at all!
When she does decide to eat she picks at her food like a little bird and would rather be doing something different, then sit at the table and eat.

Last night I decided that I was tired of her not eating, wanting to snack right after a meal and waking up hungry!
Taylor and I sat down to eat dinner a little after 6. By 7 when Troy got home she had been sitting at the table CRYING for 45 minutes! She crawled up to the table, ate two bites and decided she was done! I told her she had to eat more and couldn't get down until she did. This made her mad. When she did get down she went straight to time out then back to the table.

This went on for 2 hours!

A little after 8 (her bedtime) I went and rescued her from her Dad still reinforcing what I had started. She went to bed hungry.

At 2 she woke up crying for some milk.

By 3 Troy gave her some water.

I decided to go in and give her a slice of bread (I felt bad!) As soon as I walked in her room and asked if she wanted some bread she sat straight up and chowed down. Then asked for another slice. As she was eating I told her she needed to start eating her dinner. She quickly shook her head yes in agreement to what I was telling her. She was so hungry I was shocked how fast she ate the two slices, plus crust.....she hates the crust!

When she woke up this morning she sat at the table and ate ALL her cereal plus all the milk. I am usually always cleaning the milk (and cereal) off the floor.

When lunch rolled around the same thing happened. She climbed up to the table without any fight. Ate all her food, plus some of mine and even asked for seconds on some of it! She was given a little sugar cookie, but she was so busy eating all the rest of her food she never touched the cookie. When asked if she was going to eat it, she would say no and keep munching on her other food. It wasn't until I suggested we save the cookie to give to Dad that she decided to shove it in her mouth! :)

She never caved last night and ate all her food, but I think having to sit at the table for 2 hours and having to go to bed hungry she learned her lesson.

We may have become the meanest parents EVER last night, but if it works then I will have to live being known as a meany!


Pugmires said...

sometimes these kids can be so difficult! I'm glad she's eating-and you are not mean parents. Your following through which I think is much better for kids then always giving them what they want!

Melissa said...

Hopefully it lasts! Everytime we think we "fixed" the kids they forget and go back to what they were doing before. You might have to do it a few more times to really make it stick! Hopefully she caves after just a few minutes instead of two hours! I don't know how you handled it for that long!

Melissa said...
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Over the moon said...

That is so great that that worked for you...once again, another thing that I learned from you :0). Hey, could you give me some advice on a carseat for Emi when she turns 1? She is still in the rear facing carseat, but I'll need to change it out soon. What brand did you get for Taylor and do you like it?

The Calls said...

You are so cute. I agree with Emily. You're following through, you are not a meany. Kids are so smart and they are always learning and seeing how they can control the situation. She just learned that you're serious about meal time. Remember, be consistent. That is what confuses kids. When you're not consistent.
Love, Sayda

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

way to go! sticking to it. I would have caved! I need to call you up next time I have a problem. I am glad she learned her lesson. Some times I feel like a mean mom when I let Cooper cry, then I have to remind myself its for the good of me and him.

me said...

Hey there!!! Good for you! Stick with it. That is the way they learn although when you see them cry themselves to sleep! Thanks for your quick reply and I will for sure add you!