Sunday, April 20, 2008

Couch Sleepin'

In the 5 years that Troy and I have been married, never has our couch had so many nights with one of us sleeping on it.

There are two reasons why it has been put to good use, but the "spousal disagreements" is not one of them.

Reason #1
Big (and getting bigger!), uncomfortable, unable to sleep preggo woman! I find myself waking up every night around the same time. Tossing and turning for about an hour then give up and 'change sceneries.' While I am waiting to fall asleep I usually surf a little web. Sleep is eventually accomplished!

Reason #2
Freaked out farmer! Yesterday afternoon Troy finished planting all his crops only to have the wind blowing like crazy going into last night! I don't blame him for being so freaked out, if you lost two-thirds of your beets last year you wouldn't be able to sleep either! At least this year there are only a few acres that he is worried about. (For those of you who don't know, our bedroom is on the west side of our house and you can hear the wind BAD! You don't hear it much in the living room)

Does it make me a bad wife that I didn't even realize he didn't come to bed last night until I woke up at my 'usual' time (2:30) and realized then??!! I was going to just let him sleep on the couch but once I was awake I couldn't drown out the sound of the tv!

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deidra said...

Chris insists that he sleeps better on our loveseat when he's sick. I guess he likes hanging over the edges, or something!? I never realize he's gone until I wake up in the morning-- so no, I don't think that makes you bad at all!