Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Can he do that?!?

A few days ago I suggested to Troy something I would like for Mother's Day.

As soon as I spoke what it was he quickly shot it down. Not even giving it a thought!

It was something that I have wanted for a few months now.

It was something simple. He didn't even have to go out and 'buy it' I would just do it myself. It wasn't even something that I was expecting him to stay at home and watch Taylor, I would find someone else to do it. It didn't cost a million dollars and it kept him from having to do ANY work.

All I needed was his approval.

What was it you ask?

A prenatal massage.

I have been so uncomfortable feeling every little ache and pain that I wanted a little "Mommy" time to just relax before baby #2 comes.

He usually has to ask me what I want for gifts anyways so I don't see why this one is so different than the kitchen sink faucet I got last year. That is what I wanted and that is what he got me. The first year we were married I wanted new pots/pans for Christmas and that is what he got me. This last Christmas it was new kitchen knives...are you seeing a trend here?! I have always wanted something for the house. Nothing really for ME.

So, can he veto the one thing that I want that no one but myself can enjoy?! :)

He doesn't even have to do anything! It should be the easiest gift ever!

(When we were talking about it last night he compared the massage to Chinese food or something like that. I was completely confused that he had to explain that you enjoy it while you are eating it and become full. Then you fart and it is gone.
Something to that point, I don't know but he comes us with the weirdest comparisons!)


Nikkala said...

You deserve a massage. Go and get one and tell Troy Mother's Day has been taken care of. I am a fan of massages. Didn't get one while I was pregnant with Bentley, but did get one about a week after I had him. Soo nice.

The benefits of a massage will outlive his Chinese food.

deidra said...

Haha! That's totally a Troy example. What a weirdo. I agree, go get it and enjoy it. Even if the pleasure is short-lived, it is SO good while it lasts!

The Calls said...

I'm sorry but the part of "you enjoy it while you're eating, then you fart and it's gone", was so hilarious. Funny man! Tell him it will help you have an easier labor. It will put you in the relaxing mode. Go do it, I would love to babysit. Phone # is in the phone book. Sayda

Kristen said...

You should FOR SURE get a massage for mothers day. Just call, book it, and pay for it yourself!

I had a prenatal massage with BOTH of my pregnancies. You can tell Troy that they are worth EVERY penny. If I had more money, I would get one every other week for the last trimester. No joke.

Kona & Jared Harper said...

I would have to say that he cant veto it!! If that is what you want then go for it!! Dont worry my husband is the same way. If it doesn't last for a long time then why spend money on it!! Your blog is alway cute with new post and i love checking in on it every now and then!! Count down untill number two is on!! Good luck

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

men will never understand. Nate hates spending money on going out to eat because of Troys comparison. We still do it and enjoy every minute of it. You deserve a relaxing time before little parker comes!

sarakorbi said...

two words, credit card... ;) and then make yourself a card and set it out on Mother's Day. Who knows, he may get you another present and then you get 2 presents and no one argues with a prego mom. ;)

Karlee said...

Hmmmm.... Sounds like Troy has never had a massage and has definately never been pregnant! Besides, its "MOTHERS" day, thus the GIFT for You! Get the massage!

Karlee said...

P.S. Ask for cash for Mother's Day and then get your massage(s)! ;-)

gizcallyomom said...

I think you and Troy are too funny. Take my mom up on babysitting. I think she would have so much fun with your little princess. Miss YOU! Wishing you comfort!