Friday, April 25, 2008

Black & Blue (and brown too)

I have a major pet peeve when I see people wearing, say, navy blue pants with black shoes. Also brown with black.

Can't stand it!

That is one thing I had to explain to Troy when we first got married is that you can't wear brown shoes (or a belt) with a black sweater.
If you have navy blue pants on then you should wear brown shoes/belt.

So with this major pet peeve hanging over my shoulder imagine my surprise when I opted for comfort one day and ended up wearing my black pajama bottoms (I only have 2 that 'fit' or are comfortable on my belly) and paired it with one of the few t-shirts that are 'big/long' enough for my huge blue.

The other pair of pajama pants that fit are red, but for some reason I can never get the laundry situated enough to have the red pants clean when all I have is the blue shirt to wear!

If you were to stop by my house and see me wearing my black pants with blue shirt and it bothers you, just know that it is KILLING me inside to be wearing it too!


Melissa said...

Can you say "OCD?" LOL!!!! It's okay lish, I love you anyways!

Amber said...

Hey! I read your comment you left on our blog and was sooo excited! That is great that you're going to be having a little boy soon. Your Taylor is just too cute, I bet your new little one will be adorable too.

The Shaffer Family said...

You are too funny! Atleast you didn't leave the house wearing that...then you would really be crazy! :-) LoL.
And tell Troy...You totally deserve a massage. And I can see his point that it is only enjoyable while it is happening but regardless that is what you want and you deserve it dang it! Us mommy's can come back changed woman after something like that.. with weeks of kindness and renewed patience oh and don't forget ENERGY...Dare him to try it!